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Shimono: The other day, for the first time, I had this BL themed dream…

Taniyama: Eh?! What?! What?! What is that about?! Tell me!!

Shimono: I wouldn’t go into that much detail, but, in it, I was definitely getting naked and kissing another guy…

Taniyama: Your partner was really a guy?!

Shimono: Yeah, we were both guys…

Taniyama: Who was it? Who was your partner?

Shimono: Kakihara Tetsuya.

Taniyama: Hey~ stop it you~ are you for real?!

Shimono: I don’t know as well why I had a dream like this with Kakki, but I think it’s because I’ve had a lot of work together with him lately! 

Taniyama: So you got curious?!

Shimono: That probably is the reason, that or maybe I’m just frustrated!

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Tokimeki Restaurant - The Daily Lives (?) of X.I.P and 3 Majesty's members

Stills from: @tokires

So I decided to give the Polaroid shots of these guys posted on the Tokiresu’s official Twitter account a little translation because some of them are really interesting! XD;; I only translated the bits that are closely related to the pictures posted because some of the captions were really long and I couldn’t fit them into the edits! I apologise for any mistakes in the translation and please, feel free to let me know. m(__ __)m